Each of our fine furniture has its own story behind it. From the journey deep inside the jungles of Indonesia to the final finishing; it’s very rewarding to know each piece will be used for many generations.

- Charlie Kodatt
the process of unearthing woods
I love the anticipation of seeing a 300 to 500 year old fallen tree as I walk through the Indonesian jungles. Most of the time I get invited by a family to look at a potential pieces of wood they want to sell. It's a great honour and bringing new life to the piece for you is exciting.



We will start cutting with chainsaws to make smaller pieces, which can
be carried by bamboo up to a main road onto a truck.


Once the material is transported to the shop in Java we start the drying process. We let mother nature dry and weather our material. This takes many years. 


Once we decide to make a piece, we make sure the wood is level and start
washing it with a special mixture to make the wood clean. Allowing us to do the additional fine detailing.


After the detailing is complete we will start shaping it. We take white chalk and start making lines. Slowly we start cutting.


After cutting the piece, we start sanding. Depending on the piece, this can take a few days or a few weeks.


Every piece is handled with care for best delivery.

Going far into the Indonesian jungles to search for the rare woods. A piece we make can take months or years to be finished. We take a step by step approach for true perfection for you.