A small yet remarkable place, with tropical jungle, and full of wild trees that have lived for hundreds of years.

- Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Located in West Java, Indonesia. The journey to this simple place will take so much time and effort. We have to go through hot weather, sea, beaches, jungles, rice fields along the way, and countless times of motion sickness.


This is where we plan, design, and craft our furniture. Just a perfect place that inspire us to design modern organic furniture pieces.

Banyuwangi, The Workshop, and The People

Banyuwangi, The Workshop, and The People


We are a small team of furniture designer and craftsman. All of our craftsman are born and raised in Banyuwangi, the very same place in which we operate the workshop. Everyday we enjoy working and creating art, discussing work, or sometimes just sipping coffee and enjoying each other company.

We are craftsman. We are friends. We are family.