There is a rich reward of owning a piece of the bleached teak furniture collection

- Charlie Kodatt

The process is very long. After bringing it to the shop we will use a pressure washer and spray the wood clean of all dirts. We will then use dish soap and scrub the wood and rinse it with the pressure washer. We let it dry for a few days in the hot sun. Once the wood is dry we will start sawing off pieces of the roots that distract it from its full beauty.


After this we will spend a good half day sanding it. We don’t want cut marks and slice marks from the excavation. This is part art piece and part furniture. It's also an investment so we take a detailed approach in every step. 



Here we are cutting off parts of the wood before we sand


Here we are sanding and leveling the top before we put it in the sun for a couple months


This is us applying the chemical we use. We use paint brushes to apply.


When applying the chemical to the teak, initial foaming is formed as chemical reaction. This is beginning of changing the wood fibers.


This piece has been bleaching for around 4 months.


This is the outside area we use to bleach. It is very hot during April - October. No rain and its perfect time for us to process the bleach collection.
image_preview (2).jpg

Teak root ball that has been sanded prior to us putting our chemical on. This is 2 - 3 months roughly of slowly changing the wood.

Some of the bleached collections

The finished products of the bleached collection. It has an antique finish that really makes this pop. 

As you can see the quality is superior. I have worked on over 4,000 pieces and over 13,000 hours since I first started this journey. Each piece I learn something new. I experiment and want it to be perfect. I want you to love it.